Slate ‘21 Platform

As members of New Orleans DSA and candidates for Local Council, we formed Slate’21 to present a common vision for the coming year, both for our chapter and as comrades in the working class struggle for liberation and autonomy. We created this slate because we believe that participation in leadership- and DSA’s entire project- is a collective responsibility, and by outlining our shared goals, we can best provide a framework for carrying out the necessary work ahead. Additionally, we recognize that accountability and clarity are central to the responsibilities of leadership; for that reason Slate’21 proudly stands together and offers the following platform as our commitment to the general membership.

In order to achieve our goal of an organization which can be an effective vehicle of liberation for the working class, DSA’s internal rules and procedures must be accessible to membership, and we must prioritize continuity and stability year-to-year, while pushing for real radical change and a vision for a better world outside of the current system of oppression. As candidates we stand by our convictions and the vision we’ve outlined here.

If you have any questions for us as a slate, or are interested in getting involved, please reach out!